We Believe There’s a Better Way to Shop

We want shopping for great products to be easy, so we created Indy. We started with a ‘dinner on demand’ service that thousands of customers love and we’re expanding our product offer to include easy breakfast items, sweet treats and soon a fabulous wine club!

We are a business that is (mostly) by women, for women, meaning we work hard to understand what mums, the most important customers in the world, really need, and we make getting those products simple, convenient, great quality and guaranteed. We’re a different kind of business made to be all about you.

Our Food

In the words of one of our customers, ‘Indy makes the kind of food I’d make if I had more time’.

Busy people today really struggle to get dinner to the table during the week – in fact the average British family puts two meals a night on the table and ¾ of them eat the same thing every week. Where’s the fun in that?!

We’re a generation that’s grown up traveling, watching food programs and what we’d really like is great food made simple, so that’s what we produce.

Understanding our menu is pretty easy: we make family-friendly meals that have little or no prep food to get them to the table. What you receive are chilled, semi-prepared meals that, in terms of style, think of as sophisticated, healthy comfort food. Check out our vids under ‘What to Expect’.

Our team and kitchens are in London, we use British products as much as we can and always when it comes to meat.

We change our menu every week and we always feature a range of dishes from around the world – we develop them, test them and listen to our customers.

There are NO nasties in our food – our kids eat the same food yours will.

And everything we do – always – is 100% guaranteed – if it’s not to your fancy, we’ll give you your money back.

We’re out to be a different kind of company – we know you’ve got a lot of choice – and we want to make Indy and easy one to make.

Our Packaging

We’re worried about the future of the planet so we take great care to make sure we’re responsible with our packaging.

First, your order is delivered in a recycled brown paper bags.

Most of our meals are served in oven-ready wooden packaging that go into your garden waste, or you can use them to start the fireplace!

When we do use plastic containers we only use biodegradable plastic (it actually has a shelf life)

And we’re on the hunt for eco-friendly cling film.

Indy is a family business – and that means a responsible business.