Indy’s Approach

We’re a small London-based company with a mighty mission: to simplify how people shop. We started with ‘dinner tonight’ and now our aim is create a whole new way of introducing, informing, sampling and ordering wine for the home. Here’s the challenge with wine: we all love it but it’s hard to shop for because the category is confusing. What’s the difference between Chablis and Chardonnay? Or Cahors and Clare Valley? And is screw top really as good as cork?

You see, we wanted to make this all really easy, so here’s what we do: we partner with the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) – the world’s largest international awarding body for wondrous tipples – taking only their award winners. We then have a wine expert, one Helen McGinn, produce a shortlist of what she feels are the best choices for how our customers like to enjoy wine, and then we hand the choice over to you – and only customer favourites are listed on the site: awarded by experts, chosen by you – the true experts. It’s unique and guaranteed to get you into interesting wines you won’t find in grocery stores or petrol stations!

Available in single bottles, a half-case of 3 or full cases.



The Qualities of Our Club

We ‘think global but choose local’: the highest rated wines begin the process, but only the most loved make it on our list. We believe shopping for wine is too complicated and we’re out to change that: you can’t get a bad wine from The Grapevine by Indy, guaranteed.

It’s smart to spend a bit more on wine – but not too much more: 98% of all our wines fall within £8-£18 range, making them perfect for any occasion.

Our wines are chosen for real life: ‘Casual Tipple’ – cheap and cheerful for watching TV or relaxing; ‘End of Week Treat’ – for that day of the week when you’ve ‘earned it’; ‘Showing Off’ – when it’s time to make more of a bold statement; The Ultimates – wines our customers say they love best; ‘The OMG List’ – hard to discover wines that are incredible!



Meet our Curator, Helen McGinn

Helen McGinn is a drinks expert and international wine judge. She’s the author of award-winning wine blog and bestselling book The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club and writes a weekly wine column for the Daily Mail’s Femail magazine. Among other awards, Helen won Online Drink Writer of the Year in Fortnum & Mason’s inaugural Food & Drink Awards in 2013. She spent almost a decade sourcing wines around the world as a supermarket wine buyer and spent the next half-decade pregnant. Helen is married with three children. And she’s hopeless with a hangover.




Meet the IWSC

Founded in 1969, the International Wine and Spirit Competition’s original aim was to award excellence in wines and spirits worldwide, and this aim remains the same today. Entries are received from nearly 90 countries worldwide and each sample is judged according to its class. The IWSC is proud to set the international benchmark for quality remaining unique in the crowded world of drinks competitions with dedicated tasting premises, a permanent onsite cellar and over 400 global experts judging products for seven months of the year.



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